Precise Temperature Special Delivery

  • About the Service

    For sample type consignments such as blood, saliva, human tissue fluid and excreta (urine, faeces, etc.), customers shall complete packaging and prepare temperature control, SF provides delivery timeliness and anti-damage package guarantee without making temperature commitment, and supervises delivery timeliness (alert of overtime delivery risks and timely follow-up and proper problem solving) through SF Pharmaceuticals’ special customer service to guarantee timely delivery of the consignments.

  • Service Features

    Third-party pharmaceuticals logistics qualification: The practitioner quality system, operation standards and system traceability meet the GSP safety standards;

    Sending by enterprises/individuals are available: Shipments can be sent in the name of enterprise/hospital/individual; however, the precondition is that pickup and delivery standards shall be met.

    Prioritized delivery and transit time guarantee: The shipment will reach the receiver by 12:00 of the next day at the soonest; Special customer service representative will timely alert the overtime delivery risks and actively provide solutions.

    Anti-damage external package guarantee: Multiple measures are taken to guarantee sound external package in the whole process of delivery;

    Wide service coverage of pickup and delivery: Pickup and delivery are available in Chinese Mainland.

  • Service Pricing

    Initial weight + additional weight, the initial weight is 1kg;

    For details, please consult local branch of SF Pharmaceuticals or dial 9533898, or follow “SF Pharmaceuticals” on WeChat to make appointments for quotation inquiry.

  • Service Coverage

    Chinese Mainland.

  • Transit Time

    The arrival time of the shipments can be predicted based on the time the shipment is sent and the administrative region of the origin/destination, and the shipment will reach the receiver by 12:00 of the next day at the soonest;

  • Notice for Use

    Customer type:  

    1. B-end customers: Based on the requirements on SF Pharmaceuticals’ Summary Sheet of Qualification Shall be Provided by Different Type of Customers, related qualifications shall be provided for review. For details of the qualifications, dial 9533898 or follow “SF Pharmaceuticals” on WeChat for inquiry;

    2. C-end customers: The consignments shall meet Pickup and Delivery Standards of Common Consignments.


    Consignment contents: Blood, saliva, breast milk, human tissue fluid, excreta (urine, faeces) and other related samples;

    Toxic drugs, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances (category I), radiopharmaceutical) and so on.

  • Value-added Services

    Shipment Protection Plus (SPP), Return Proof of Delivery, Cash on Delivery (COD) and so on.