Precise Temperature Special Delivery

Precise Temperature Special Delivery: The direct delivery to home service provides customers from physical hospitals, Internet hospitals, prescription circulation platforms, pharmaceutical e-commerce, pharmacies, pharmaceutical commercial enterprises, clinical inspection institutions and so on with the delivery of cold chain drugs (such as insulin, blood products, anticancer drugs) and cold chain diagnostic reagents at the precise temperature control at 2-8℃.
Precise Temperature Special Delivery (Sample): For sample type consignments such as blood, saliva, human tissue fluid and excreta (urine, faeces, etc.), customers shall complete packaging and prepare temperature control, SF provides delivery timeliness and anti-damage package guarantee without making temperature commitment, and supervises delivery timeliness (alert of overtime delivery risks and timely follow-up and proper problem solving) through SF Pharmaceuticals’ special customer service to guarantee timely delivery of the consignments.

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Product Features
Third-party pharmaceuticals logistics qualification

 The practitioner quality system, operation standards and system traceability meet the GSP safety standards.

Distribution to home from multiple modes available

Shipments can be sent from outpatient pharmacy, community health service, pharmacy, business RDC and so on:

Whole-process at 2-8 ℃ traceable

Based on the commercial distribution standards, the temperature will be shown apparently in the whole process. The temperature data at 2-8°C in the whole process is available (only applicable to Precise Temperature Special Delivery)

Charging Standards

Precise Temperature Special Delivery: Initial weight + additional weight, the prices may be varied for different flows.
Precise Temperature Special Delivery (Sample): Initial weight + additional weight, the initial weight is 1kg;


Precise Temperature Special Delivery: The service is available in 90% of the large and medium-sized cities in Chinese Mainland. 3200 flows of pickup and delivery are available nation-wide;
Precise Temperature Special Delivery (Sample): Chinese Mainland.

Transit Time

Precise Temperature Special Delivery: Within 10km commercial circle from the dispatching place: Delivered within 2 hours at the soonest; Intra-city delivery: The shipment sent in the morning will reach the receiver in the afternoon. The shipment sent in the afternoon will reach the receiver on the next day; For intra-province delivery, the shipment will reach the receiver by 12:00 of the next day at the soonest; For delivery to adjacent provinces, the shipment will reach the receiver by 18:00 of the next day at the soonest.

Precise Temperature Special Delivery (Sample): According to the time of shipping and administrative location of the origin/destination, customers may track the predicted time of shipment delivery. The shipment will reach the receiver by 12:00 of the next day at the soonest; 

Value-added Service

Precise Temperature Special Delivery: Temperature Traceability (Offline), Shipment Protection Plus (SPP), Return Proof of Delivery, Cash on Delivery (COD).
Precise Temperature Special Delivery (Sample): Shipment Protection Plus (SPP), Return Proof of Delivery, Cash on Delivery (COD) and so on.

Notice for Use

Precise Temperature Special Delivery:
1. Customer type: The credit account customer shall sign the service agreement and the Pharmaceutical Temperature-controlled Products Service Terms; The cash customer shall have related qualification proof or licenses based on types of customers.
Consignment contents: OTC drugs that can be accepted conditionally, cold chain drugs (such as insulin, blood products, anticancer drugs), blood products from medical institutions, tissue secreta samples taken from human living body, IVD reagents and so on.
Precise Temperature Special Delivery (Sample): Customer type:
1. B-end customers: Based on the requirements on SF Pharmaceuticals’ Summary Sheet of Qualification Shall be Provided by Different Types of Customers;
C-end customers: The consignments shall meet Pickup and Delivery Standards of Common Consignments.
2. Consignment contents: Blood, saliva, breast milk, human tissue fluid, excreta (urine, faeces) and other related samples;
Customer qualification requirement: Customers need to provide a proof of qualification for the consignment content.
Pharmaceutical commodities prohibited for pickup and delivery: Toxic drugs, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances (category I), radiopharmaceutical) and so on.

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