Cash on Delivery Service (COD)

According to the transaction agreement reached between the shipper (seller) and the receiver (buyer), SF provides the shipper with a fast and convenient goods (commodity) delivery service while collecting the goods payments from the receiver and returning such payments to the shipper.

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Charging Standards

COD service charge = COD amount * Standard service charge rate. The details are as follows:
Mutual shipping between districts in the Chinese Mainland
The standard service charge rate is 5% and the minimum charge is RMB3.
Mutual shipping between Hong Kong and Macao regions
Minimum amount to be collected per month: HKD/MOP10,000
Service charge rate: Settled in 3 working days: 3.0%; Settled in the following week: 2.5%; Settled in every other week: 2.0%.
Minimum service charge per shipment: HKD/MOP5
Minimum service charge per month: HKD/MOP200
Note: The above information is only for reference. For specific prices, please consult local SF sales personnel.
Mutual shipping within Taiwan region.


Mutual shipping between areas in the Chinese Mainland
Mutual shipping between Hong Kong and Macao regions
Mutual shipping within Taiwan region.

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