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SF Freight provides you with large-size door-to-door delivery service. You can enjoy the high-quality door-to-door delivery service of large-size shipment without going outside, which enhances the seller's service quality and address the concern of the buyers.

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Charging Standards

1. Any of one waybill of shipment ≥60KG, chargeable weight *RMB1/KG will be charged of the shipment;
2. If all shipments under one waybill <60KG, and the total weight ≥100KG, chargeable weight *RMB0.3/KG will be charged of the shipment;
Note: The chargeable weight is the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is higher, the volumetric weight is calculated by the volumetric ratio of the main products.


Chinese  Mainland.

Notice for Use

1. Applicable products: Express Standard Arrived;
2. Limit conditions: Actual weight of single piece ≤130KG; Length, width and height no longer than 2.5m, 1.5m and 1.5m respectively;
3. Charging standards: Single piece ≥60KG or single shipment≥100KG;
Note: If there is a lift in the actual delivery address, the Delivery Upstairs fee will not be collected; if there is no lift and the above-mentioned pickup standards are met, the Delivery Upstairs fee will be collected.

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