Fixed Time Delivery

The Fixed Time Delivery Service is a value-added service that a customer may designate the time of delivery (within 7 days upon shipment arrival) upon order placement and then SF may deliver the shipment as per the designated time.

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product Advantages

It is a customized service that meets demands of holidays and festivals, new product release and pre-sales.

It meets the merchant's demand on delivering goods to the customers after collection of payment, guaranteeing that the assets are safe and worry-free.

For commodities with confidentiality requirements, the shipment can only be dispatched upon agreement of the merchant to avoid early leakage of goods information.

It meets the fixed time delivery demands of delivery on special festivals (Valentine's Day and so on), new product release and so on.

Charging Standards

Delivery upon notice: RMB5/shipment, delivery by time: RMB3/shipment


Mutual shipping within Chinese  Mainland

Notice for Use

Delivery upon notice: BSP system connection
Delivery by time: BSP system connection, Fastship System

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