Overweight and Oversize

A surcharge is applied for extra input or allocation ofresources for pickup, delivery and transit of single shipment that exceeds limited weight or size.

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Charging Standards

Overweight and oversize surcharge = chargeable weight of the oversize/overweight shipment x RMB1/kg (For Standard LTL, Special Cargo Service, the fee = chargeable weight*RMB0.5/kg)
Note 1: The minimum charge is RMB20 per shipment.
Note 2: A single piece of consignment means that the consignment is packaged separately and cannot be split into several stand-alone consignments.


Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao Regions
From Chinese Mainland to the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Australia and Canada

Notice for Use

Oversize shipments: The length of any side of a single piece of consignment exceeds 1.6 m. (The length, width and height of single shipment of Standard LTL, Special Cargo Service shall not exceed 3M, 1.5M and 1.8M respectively)
Overweight shipments: The chargeable weight of a single piece of transit time consignment is greater than 50 kg, or is greater than 80 kg if it is delivered using SF High-speed Railway and Air Transportation; or it is greater than 300KG if it is delivered by Standard LTL, Special Cargo Service

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