Pickup Service

According to the transaction agreement reached between the shipper (seller) and the receiver (buyer), SF provides the shipper with a fast and convenient goods (commodity) delivery service while collecting the goods payments from the receiver and returning such payments to the shipper.

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Charging Standards

•Intra-city: price per kilogram + minimum charge. A maximum charge is set.
•Inter-city: by mileage and vehicle type, and as full truckload (FTL).
•Conversion coefficient of volumetric weight: 3000, that is, volumetric weight = length*width*height (cm)/3000. The volumetric weight or the actual weight shall apply, whichever is greater.
•The price update is subject to the official website.


Chinese Mainland

Notice for Use

This service supports cold chain transportation.

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Service hour:24 hours from Monday to Friday.

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Service hour:24 hours

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