Based on SF Express, "Express+" high-end logistics provides high-end logistics services, including express, warehousing management, distribution, cold chain, and cross-border logistics, stressing transit time, service, and integrated cost control. The project will provide quality high-end logistics services for modern industry enterprises, address the enterprises' concerns, and make full use of SF's experience in the logistics industry to provide integrated logistics solutions for small- and medium-scale customers.

"Express+" high-end logistic parks plan to provide modern distribution center, modern logistics center, modern cold chain center, cross-border logistics center, data processing center, and integrated service center.


Service System of Express+

Basic express logistics service: Express logistics service is the main product of SF Group, also the basic service product of SF Industrial Park. The park sets a shipment distribution area to provide various express services including Standard Express, E-commerce Economy, and SF Economy to meet diverse logistics service requirements of different customers.

Warehousing and Distribution Service: Relying on its strong warehousing and transportation network resources, SF provides customers with one-stop supply chain logistics services. SF helps customers to focus more on improving their own competitiveness, shorten payback period, improve the close rate, comprehensively reduce consumers' order canceling rate, improve consumers' shopping experience, increase customer flow, and make use of SF's strong disaster recovery capacity and 365*24 uninterrupted services to fully support customers' business expansion and promote customers' brand value.

Stocking in Different Warehouses: The service is a whole-process service based on SF's self-operational system.The stationed merchants can stock up goods in SF warehouses according to their sales forecast to realize nearby shipping, inter-area distribution, and fast delivery. The service covers warehousing, distribution, and allocation, and it can also provide warehouse financing service. In the future, more in-warehouse and delivery value-added services with industry characteristics will be launched continuously.