SF Renders Support to Chagan Lake Winter Fishing to Spur the Agriculture-commerce Economy

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    On December 28, the annual Chagan Lake winter fishing was unveiled again. In response to the incentive policies on agriculture, farmers and rural areas under the national 13th Five-Year Plan, SF extends its operation to the Chagan Lake to render support to winter fishing by providing "point to point" direct delivery service of fresh fish to consumers around the country.


    A good harvest in winter fishing

    Chagan Lake is known as "Chagan Nur" in Mongolian, meaning a white holy lake. It's one of the ten largest fresh water lakes in China. Winter fishing begins every December, well-renowned for the intense race for fish by tens of thousands of people and the ancient winter fishing approach.

    To celebrate the harvest, SF performers were dressed up to present a magnificent and festive drum show, welcoming tens of thousands of tourists from all over the country. With sheer passion and radiance, they together with SF’s fleet made a deep impression on the tourists by beating drums.

    At the Chagan Lake site with flags fluttering and banners dancing, the special lake-worshiping ceremony featuring strong non-material cultural heritage was grandly held. SF, as the official shipper, employed a 20-UAV team, which went straight up to the sky with the "Fish Harvest" blessing and created a gorgeous view against the blue sky, mirroring SF's strong transportation capacity and good wishes for a bright outlook of the Chagan Lake culture and economy.

    In addition to lively celebrations, SF's "Free Hot Water Service Point" was another highlight. Against the biting, freezing cold, a cup of hot drink could make one feel warm inside.

    Also, as the winter fishing logistics service provider, SF has set up a dedicated fleet to ensure fast delivery of fresh fish from the Chagan Lake to consumers all over the country.


    Lake to table

    In 2015, SF launches the "Fish Harvest" project for Chagan Lake winter fishing. A team of one hundred members has been set up to provide "lake to table" guarantee from selection to purchase and transportation and to after-sales service.

    Fresh fish direct purchase: With years of field experience, the Jilin support team for SF's Chagan Lake project purchases fresh fish directly from local fish farmers and traders, to ensure freshness from the source.

    Well-designed package: In addition to standard measures such as foam boxes, cold source and sealing, in 2015, SF introduces well-designed packages for Chagan Lake fish and in line with the motto of "All Ready Except For Fish", SF offers fish together with ingredients and special water to deliver a more authentic flavor and a better option for gift.

    Cold chain transportation and fast delivery: SF has set up a local pickup/delivery point for the Chagan Lake and relied on scheduled transportation by the dedicated fleet as well as quality transportation resources including high-speed rail and aviation to ensure timely delivery.

    Special customer service: A special customer service team has been set up to provide purchase consulting, logistics information inquiry and after-sales service to put customers' mind in ease.

    Store to home: When it's not convenient for reception, delivered Chagan Lake fish can be temporarily kept in a freezer at neighboring Heike and SF Home stores to retain freshness, to meet consumers' needs for quality and health.

    SF relies on modern logistics services to spur the agriculture-commerce economy

    On the same day of the event, Wang Yongli, head of Jilin Provincial Postal Administration visited the local SF service station of the Chagan Lake. He gave high recognition to SF's "Fish Harvest" brand awareness and logistics service to the Chagan Lake.

    For the agriculture sector, along with the transition of focus from transportation to logistics, modern logistics services are becoming necessary, especially for agricultural products with regional characteristics. But modern logistics services, more than express delivery, are indeed comprehensive services incorporating e-commerce, express logistics, payment and information technology. In the Chagan Lake project, SF will not only serve as a shipper, but also rely on its e-commerce platform "SF Best" and offline Heike and SF Home community stores to provide sales support and after-sales service to fish traders. As the benchmark in the express delivery industry, SF has been improving and optimizing all aspects of packaging, marketing, sales, transportation and community service, to provide "professional, rapid, efficient and safe" modern logistics services to China's agriculture-commerce economy.

    In the era of e-commerce, logistics has become the support of agriculture-commerce economy development. "Modern logistics services" will change the "overall low efficiency of agriculture featuring decentralized operation of small farmers", revitalize the agribusiness industry, and fully meet the "two-way demand" of farmers and consumers. As a result, as long as the products are good, agribusiness products will be well sold.


    Driven by the incentive policies on agriculture, farmers and rural areas under the national 13th Five-Year Plan, SF is expected to play a more extensive part in the agriculture-commerce economy, enable the access of industrial products into rural areas as well as the access of agricultural products into urban areas, and spur the development of the agriculture-commerce economy in a more diversified way.