SF Boosts Export of Hairy Crab to Singapore, Bring “Chinese Fresh Food” to Abroad

  • The season of eating crabs is here, and E-Commerce sellers  are desperate to seize the domestic market share of fresh foods like hairy crab! SF has recentlysuccessfully delivered hairy crabs of Datong Lake in Hunan province to Singapore , paving the way or “Cross-border Transportation” for the Chinese fresh food market.

    At 0020HRS on October 26, 2017, an airplane  loaded with hairy crabs of from Datong Lake, Hunan departed from Changsha Huanghua Airport and arrived in Singapore in the wee hours.  The  customs clearance procedure was completed smoothly and successfully.

    Datong Lake is located in the north of central Hunan, near to the East Dong Ting Lake.Growing up in the amazing ecological environment of Datong Lake, these well hairy crabs are fresh, meaty and delectable, and the voluptuous sperm of the males and creamy roe of the females are also equally tasty. Generally speaking, if the package remains intact, the hairy crabs can be kept alive for 72 hours in the box. Knowing this, SF prepared a specialized method for logistics distribution during the early transit phase  in order to preserve the freshness of hairy crabs.

    SF’s professional Packaging Team carefully manages the entire  procedure from the moment the hairy crabs leave  the water until they are sealed into the package to ensure the freshness and safety of the crabs.

    Tying the hairy crabs

    SF BA packing the hairy crabs

    Besides the  careful packing of hairy crab,  SF’s unique cold chain technology is utilized throughout the entire  process with temperature control, information record and control visualization. The entire process from crabbing, tying of the crabs, transiting to airport, customs clearance  to arriving  on dining tables  in Singapore only takes 36 hours!, Even the customs clearance could be completed  in only 60 minutes.

    SF Cold Chain FTL transports hairy crabs to airport

    This successful shipping of hairy crabs is a result of cumulative experience of fresh product delivery Sservice in China over many years, as well as the excellent service advantages and customs clearance ability of SF in Singapore. In 2010, SF established self-operated networks, rolling out its services all across Singapore (except Jurong island and Pulau Ubin). For Cross-Border Electronic Commerce Users, SF has different services for different needs; from the speedy International Standard Express boasting short transit times, to the more economical International Economy Express and even International Heavy Freight services. In the core regions of Singapore, sorting and delivering are all handled  by professionally-trained SF BAs.

    On-site inspection of the quality of hairy crab and sealing of  boxes

    For SF Express, the hairy crab business is not only its first venture into new territories within the supply chain, e-commerce and fresh food industry leveraging on current operations in Singapore,  but more so  a daring  attempt to insert itself into the fresh foods and cold chain industry in an overseas market. This displays SF’s eagerness and capability in seizing market share in the fresh foods market overseas and expanding into new areas in its ofoverseas business. Through SF’s extensive delivery networks more Chinese specialties will be delivered  all over the globe, and more Chinese Overseas and overseas consumers can finally enjoy their favorite Chinese cuisine, regardless of where they are in the world.  

    Hairy crabs arrived in Singapore and will be delivered by SF BA

    SF BA delivering hairy crab in Singapore