Announcement about Pickup and Delivery Service Adjustment during the Double 11 Shopping Festival

  • Dear SF customers

    With the coming of the Double 11 E-commerce sales season, shipment volume will face a surge. SF has taken a series of response measures such as reserving efficient manpower, material resources and transportation resources, and adjusting operation modes to guarantee services during the Double 11 Shopping Festival.

    However, owing to the surging shipment volume in the short term, transportation resources are limited to some extent.The transit time of shipments sent by E-commerce customers from November 11 to November 19 may be delayed for 0.5-2 days based on the normal transit time. We are sorry for any inconvenience that cause by the above transit time adjustment. We will spare no efforts in guaranteeing safe delivery of your shipments.

    For any new response measures and related service announcement of the double 11 peak season, please refer to SF’s official website and official Weibo. Please stay tuned with the latest information. To learn more about your shipments, please follow SF WeChat or App. You can place orders and track your shipments more conveniently.


    SF Express

    November 9, 2016