Announcement of Tender Invitation for the acquisition of the Highway Transportation Project

  • To select more competitive highway transportation partners, S.F. Express Co., Ltd. hereby extends a public nation-wide acquisition tender invitation for part of the highway transportation lines. This acquisition is through the online system and Qualified suppliers are welcome to participate

    一、Project No.


    二、Acquisition online project

    More detials please refer to the website

    三、Schedule for this bidding

    Bidding time

    Quotation time

    First bid

    Second bid

    Sep 19- Sep 21

    Sep 19  9:10-18:00

    Sep 20  9:10-12:00

    Sep 20  14:00-18:00


    四、Necessary qualifications for the bidders

    1.    Independent legal corporation and road transportation operation qualifications, operating independently instead of being subordinated to a third party, to bear civil liability independently and have the qualification to issue 11% VAT invoices.

    2.    Good commercial reputation,perfect and sound financial and accounting system.

    3.    Independent business and vehicle operation premises,owning fixed assets whose market valuation is not less than 1 million RMB.

    4.    Possessing its own van-type vehicles, drivers and management team satisfying tender invitation line demands, having strong transport capacity and strong capacity to integrate and deploy resources, and able to guarantee carrying capacity in the face of non-conventional peak emergencies.

    5.    Having strong anti-risk ability as a participant of S.F. goods Security Program .

    6.    Having no serious offence in previous operating activity and having no major bad record in the course of cooperation with SF and its subordinated companies.

    五、Operation method online

    login SF Highway Transportation Platform (hereinafter referred to system-based online tender invitation) whose website is The browser must be the latest Google version.

    六、How to register in the system

    Suppliers who satisfy the six conditions on tender qualifications as specified in Article II are invited to register on SF Highway Transportation Outsourcing Platform For operation guidelines on registration, please refer to the Guidelines for Suppliers’ System Registration and Tender Operation. Suppliers may not participate in online tender unless their registration, inspection and access pass review. Suppliers who are displayed as “shortlisted” or “cooperative” on SF Highway Transportation Outsourcing Platform may direct enter their own account passwords to participate in online tender.


    Notes on system-based online quotation (bidding):

    1、The uniform unit price of this online tender invitation line is yuan / journey, and if the journey is a journey from an opposite direction / round trip, the price will be quoted on the same interface and any supplier is required to quote the price of the outward transportation. If any supplier misreads the pricing manner, gives a wrong quotation and has won a bid, no subsequent bargain will be conducted in tender invitation regions;

    (For example, the journey for an opposite direction is based on 14 tons, the name of the carrying capacity of the outward transportation is “Shenzhen – Shanghai 0200” and the mileage of the outward transportation is 1300 KM; the name of the carrying capacity of the return journey is “Shanghai – Shenzhen 1300” and the return mileage is 1400 KM, then the online quotation for a journey is only a price of RMB 5,000 related to the outward transportation instead of a wrong quotation of RMB10,000 related to a round trip);

    2、Open tender line demand table "in line bundle pack quotation, in the system is virtual name of lines, line coding, the supplier shall, according to the following quotation rules quote and area evaluation team will be in the field and supplier evaluation confirm each line quotation

    Packed lines bidding rules

    Tender method

    Composition mode

    Quotation method

    invitation for Packaging line

    One way+not a one way

    1、  Per trip:tender rate=one way+not a one way/2

    2、  Per day:tender rate=total price

    not a one way

    1、  Per trip:tender rate= total price /2

    2、  Per day:tender rate = total price

    invitation for A single line

    One way

    tender rate = total price

    Only one way

    Tender rate= total price


    1、The amount of the online quotation will not extend to the first round of bidding and price is required to be filled out again in each round of bidding; otherwise the system will automatically treat this act as a waiver of tender submission when the deadline of bidding comes;

    2、In this online centralized quotation, the system will respond a bit slowly (1-30 seconds), so please do not worry or repeatedly click the interface buttons because it will automatically buffer;

    3、When the quotation interface or tender invitation interface becomes blank, exit the account, press combination keys CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE and log in again after cleaning the cache.

    八、Contact number if necessary

    All demand lines are provided with designated contact persons and information and interested suppliers may consult the Contact Information of Designated Contact Persons Responding to Tenders.

    Contact person for tender instruction and consultation of this system-based online tender invitation project: Ms zeng:0755-33039206

    九、Supervision unit and contact information

    Supervision unit: Audit and Supervision Committee of S.F. Express


    十、Supportive documents (which may be consulted or downloaded on SF official website)

    Guidelines for Suppliers’ System Registration and Tender Operation

    Emergency Plan 2017 for Online Tender Invitation of the Whole Network

    Designated Contact Manners of Tender Response Documents

    Public Tender Invitation Line Demand Form (System-based Online)