Notice on the delivery of relief materials for Hubei

  • Dear all domestic and overseas customers,


    Due to the recent new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, SF have received many calls asking for medical protection and first aid supplies donation delivery supports to Wuhan, first of all, thank you for your trust in SF. For all domestic and overseas donators, please follow the instructions for the delivery and transportation of medical and epidemic prevention materials:
    1. In order to ensure the safety and smooth reception of materials, for individuals donations, please contact local charitable organizations and donate through professional institutions. For overseas donators, please ensure that the epidemic prevention materials that meet the requirements of national standards, and all materials should first be donated to social organizations or foundations with the purpose of humanitarian relief and charitable development registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs or provincial civil affairs departments and rated as 5A. After confirming the related quality and authorization, SF would provide the corresponding transportation and delivery support within Mainland China.
    2. During the extraordinary period, in order to improve transportation efficiency and protect the first-line special needs, unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide transport support for individual donated materials, and we will concentrate our efforts on providing transport for local governments and charitable organizations. During this period, for individual shipments to/from Wuhan, there will be free of charge for the Spring Festival service surcharge.
    3. The application process for donation transportation of materials from China domestic or oversea charity or foundation organizations: each charitable organization confirms the list of donated materials, and after communicating with the material receiving party and confirms that it can be accepted, please call SF official customer service hotline 95338, or contact our online customer service representatives. There will be professionals to follow up and implement the demand as soon as possible.


    SF Express
    January 25, 2020