Tender Announcement of the Service Coverage Expansion Project of S.F. Express Co., Ltd. in January 2018


    To respond to the national policy in promoting express delivery in countryside and helping rural areas improve the network coverage, S.F. Express Co., Ltd is now inviting tenderers for some villages and towns nationwide. This tender invitation is an online tender invitation. Tenderers that meet the following requirements are welcomed to sign up for the bidding.


    I.    Bidding Time and Batch

    Bidding time: January 16, 2018 – January 19, 2018

    Bidding batch: 20180101

    II.      Bidding Process and Bidding Evaluation Rule

    Bidding kick-off stage -> Sign-up stage -> Bidding evaluation stage -> Publicity stage -> Contract signing stage -> Operation stage

    Bidding evaluation rule: Tenderers that pass ID verification will enter comprehensive assessment, and comprehensive assessment score + bonus point = final score. If a tenderer has its final score ≥60 and this is the highest score among the tenderers for the same object, the tenderer wins the bidding.

    III.    Bidding Area

    Jiangxi Province

    Chongyi County, Jishui County, Luxi County, Quannan County, Shangyou County, Shicheng County, Yongxin County

    Sichuan Province

    Dayi County, Gao County, Hongya County, Qianwei County, Jiang’an County, Jingyan County, Lezhi County, Lushan County, Luding County, Muchuan County, Pengxi County, Pingwu County, Pingshan County, Santai County, Yanting County

    IV.    Tender Qualifications     

    1. The tenderer shall be at the age of 20 - 50;

    2. The tenderer shall have senior high school (technical secondary school) education background or above;

    3. The tenderer shall have the driving license type C (inclusive) or above, or motorcycle driving license;

    4. Existing partners in cooperation shall not sign up for this bidding;

    5. Peer operators that run an express/logistics business till the day of registration deadline shall not sign up for bidding;

    6. Full-time employees shall obtain approval from their Heads of Business Offices/Business Service Centers or Heads of Departments/Sections/Offices before registration;

    7. For full-time employees, the administrative penalty points shall be <3.

    8. Full-time employees who have administrative penalty demerit records or serious demerit records during employment or whose employment contracts have been terminated by SF, do not have the qualifications for sign-up.

    The above application requirements are essential conditions (Qualifications 6-8 are applicable to in-service full-time employees). If any one of the qualifications is not met, the tenderer is disqualified.

    V.      Signing up for Bidding

    Tenderers who meet the tender qualifications shall log in to the Partner Program portal (http://www.hbjia.net/login.jsp) to register and sign up for bidding as guided by the system.

    Sign-up process: Register on the Partner Program portal - log in - supplier management - regional agent sign-up - complete the system required fields and submit the application.

    VI.    Bidding Note

    1.  One tenderer with the same ID No. can sign up only for one object. If one tender submits multiple applications, the last one shall prevail.

    2. Applications submitted by tenderers exceeding the application deadline are regarded as invalid by default.

    3. Tenders shall abide by the relative evasion principle, that is, relatives of management personnel of upper-level Service Centers/Stations of SF shall not bid for the areas under the administrative scope of the management personnel. Once such case is found, S.F. Express Co., Ltd. has the rights of disqualifying the tenderer.

    4. During the entire bidding period, if a tenderer has critical violation of laws, regulations and rules, S.F. Express Co., Ltd. has the rights of disqualifying the tenderer.

    5. S.F. Express Co., Ltd. has the final interpretation of the detailed rules and regulations of the bidding, and has the rights of temporarily adjusting the rules and regulations according to special circumstances. Those who do not agree with this shall not sign up for the bidding.