Transit Time During Peak Season Traceable Upon Shipping ——Announcement about SF’s Transit Time Standards During Peak Season

  • Dear customers,

    As the year-end shipping peak season is coming, the business volume of the express delivery will be soaring. To provide customers with services of higher quality and guaranteed stable transit time, SF Express copes with each link comprehensively through measures like manpower, material, transportation capacity resources reserve, market regulation and scheduling to actively prepare for the incoming business peak.

    To fully guarantee the pickup and delivery service quality during the peak seasons, SF Express further optimizes the transit time products to ensure stable transit time of shipments. Customers can check the expected arrival time of the shipments by the shipping time and administrative region of the shipping/delivering areas, so that they can choose the service with different transit time based on their own demands.

    For more details of the service information, order placement and shipment tracking, check on the self-service tools such as SF’s official website (, SF’s WeChat official account, SF Express App, and SF Membership Platform ( anytime and anywhere. Make your shipments traceable upon shipping!


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