Notes for Suppliers

1、Supplier qualification process:
The supplier qualification process generally includes: qualification preparation, qualification appraisal, field inspection, sample inspection, evaluation and approval, signing agreement, and qualification.

  • Qualification preparation: Set up the qualification team and formulate authentication plan;
  • Qualification appraisal: The appraisal generally includes two steps: collecting materials and reviewing qualification;
  • Field inspection: The inspection may cover the quality system, production process and business process as the case may be;
  • Sample inspection: It aims to ensure whether the supplier can deliver the required quality. The inspection criteria include but not limited to accuracy and reliability;
  •  Evaluation and approval: The inspection result needs to be evaluated. The supplier will be appraised based on the evaluation result;
  •  Signing agreement: Qualified suppliers must sign agreements including Non-disclosure Agreement and Bona Fide Transaction Guarantee Agreement.
  • Qualification: Suppliers will be officially qualified after the above-mentioned agreements are signed.

2、 Do’s and Don’ts for supplier

  •  Do's
  •   Provide competitive prices and terms
  •   Provide high-quality services
  •   Innovate and improve products and service continuously
  •   Deliver leading technology and product information
  •   Fulfill social responsibility


  • Don'ts
  •   Breach the principle of good faith

     ♦ Bribe
     ♦ Deceive
     ♦ Conspire and collude in bidding
     ♦ Fraud

  •   Breach confidentiality
  •   Violate laws and regulations
  •   Breach contracts