Kind reminder:

To ensure the smooth customs clearance of your goods, please upload the authentic and valid information according to the following types. Details as follows:

1. B2B shipment: invoices, contracts, packing list, letter of attorney, abnormal description of the goods and other information are needed (affix the company's official seal);

2. B2C shipment: online shopping screenshot, commercial invoice, and goods abnormal situation explanation are needed;

3. Personal luggage: for visa, entry stamp and travel itinerary, please select "others" in Customs Clearance Document.

4. Customs clearance documents: invoices, packing list, license information , contracts and other non-identity documents;

5.  Identity documents: ID, passport copy, Sergeant card copy, HVPS, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents and other copies of  Identity documents.

Items with * are mandatory.
invoice packing list Power of Attorney contract others
ID card Passport Others
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