Caution: Phone fraud from a man claimed to be SF employee

  • Recently, we received reports from customers about scam calls from a man who claimed to be SF employee, intending to commit phone fraud.


    The following is an example from one customer about how the man made the call the other day.


    1. A call came in without indicating phone number.

    2. After answering the call, an automatic voice message said "Press ‘0’ if you want to talk to the staff."

    3. Pressed ‘0’, a male operator answered the phone, claiming he was SF employee.

    4. The male operator said: "You sent a shipment from Osaka to Shanghai on XXXX (a date). As it was found that the shipment contains a passport and a bank card and the shipment was detained. In this case, your residence card will become invalid, which will stop you from entering or leaving Japan. Are you aware of that?”

    5. Then the man continued: I will transfer the line to the police. You can confirm the details with the police.


    After that, someone who claimed to be the police took the phone and started to ask for Chinese ID number, Japanese address etc. After providing this information, the customer was asked to send a designated amount of money to an online bank account.


    We realized this was an urgent and important issue and consulted with the police right away. The police suggested to contact the nearest police station in the case that customers receive this kind of phone calls.


    PLEASE NOTE: when SF Express contacts our customers, there is nothing like using automatic voice messages or transferring the call to the police during the phone call.