A kind reminder: personal ID uploads for personal shipments to Chinese Mainland

  • Dear Customers,


    Thank you for your continued trust and support to SF International.


    According to China imports regulations, for personal shipments sent to the Chinese Mainland, the receiver must provide ID copy for customs clearance.


    When sending personal shipments to the Chinese Mainland, it is strongly recommended that shipper should either upload receiver’s ID copy, if available, or notify receiver of uploading his/her ID copy to SF’s customs platform in a timely manner after pickup schedule is done on SF’s Online Order system. By doing this, the shipments can be exported in time and ensured the smooth clearance at China customs. Please be noted that shipping will be delayed if ID copy is not uploaded in time.


    If receiver’s ID copy is not uploaded to SF’s platform in 5 calendar days after pickup, SF should return the shipments to the shipper at his/her expense due to insufficient shipping documents. 


    Here are the two ways to upload ID copy.

    1. SF official website. Click Consignee ID copy Uploading to proceed.

    2. SF International official WeChat. Only 2 steps to proceed.

    Step 1: Follow SF International Official WeChat Account

    Step 2: “我的”→“通关服务”→ Upload receiver’s ID copy and his/her information

    Personal ID copy will be stored in a secure S.F. Express server and will only be used for customs clearance purpose only. We are committed to protecting your privacy and your ID copy will not be disclosed to third parties without your prior consent. Please check Privacy Policy for more.


    Your kind understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.


    Any further questions, please call our Customer Service at 0120 683 683 or 0357 811 513, or chat with our Online Support on our website.