Fuel Surcharge Table



Fuel surcharge applies to Standard Express service and Economy Express service from 1st June, 2019.


Fuel surcharge for each shipment is assessed on the net freight charge in accordance with the fuel surcharge percentage. The percentage of fuel surcharge is based on the U.S. Gulf Coast (USGC) price for kerosene-type jet fuel published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) two months earlier. For example, the rate applied in June 2019 is based on the rounded figure of the (USGC) Jet Fuel Price published by the EIA in April 2019. Please refer to EIA's (USGC) Jet Fuel Prices on EIA's website.


The fuel surcharge percentage will be revised monthly and be effective from the 1st of each month, and it will be published one week before the month ends on our official website. Decimal places in the calculation of the fuel surcharge will be rounded off to the nearest integer.


Please refer to below table for the fuel surcharge percentage for shipments paid in Japan: 

Effective Period   Fuel Surcharge Percentage
April 2020 9.5%
March 2020 11.75%
February 2020 12.75%
January 2020 12.25%
December 2019 12.5%
November 2019 12.5%
October 2019 12%
September 2019 13%
August 2019  12%
July 2019 13.5%
June 2019 13.5%



If the freight is JPY 1,500 and the fuel surcharge percentage of the month is 13.5%, then the fuel surcharge is calculated as: 1,500×13.5%=202.5, rounded off to 203.

Therefore, the total freight charge = freight + fuel surcharge = 1,500+203=1,703.

The total freight charge to be paid by customer is JPY 1,703.


If the shipment freight is paid in other destinations rather than Japan, please refer to the following chart for the fuel surcharge percentage. 

  Effective Period Fuel Surcharge Percentage

Asia-Pacific Regions

(except Taiwan)

Taiwan Region American and European Regions
April 2020 9.5% 7.25% 5%
March 2020 11.75% 9.5% 7.25%
February 2020 12.75% 10.5% 8.25%
January 2020 12.25% 10% 7.75%
December 2019 12.5% 10.25% 8% 
November 2019 12.5% 10.25% 8%
October 2019 12% 9.75% 7.5%
September 2019 13%  10.75% 8.5% 
 August 2019 12% 9.75% 7.5% 
July 2019 13.5% 11.25% 9%
June 2019 13.5% 11.25% 9%


Should you have further queries about fuel surcharge, please contact our customer service at 0120 683 683 or 03-5781 1513.




1. The fuel surcharge table will be updated, if the (USGC) Jet Fuel Price is out of cover of the above table;

2. SF Express reserves the right to change the fuel surcharge with or without prior notice. Both the amount and duration of the surcharge will be determined at SF Express’ sole discretion;

3. SF Express reserves the right to change or terminate the offer and the offer period.