SF Express Japan Hosts Cross-Border E-Commerce Banquet to Promote Japan-China Trade

  • On the evening of 9 February, SF Express Japan hosted a special dinner party at the International Propeller Club of Japan in Yurakucho, Tokyo. In attendance were 46 esteemed guests representing a variety of different industries in Japan. Simon Truss, General Manager of SF Express Japan, and senior executives from SF Express’s International Business Unit IBU also took part in the festivities.

    Guests signing in

    Guest speakers Joshua Ruskin & Jimmy Ye chatting with Leonard Tui, emcee for the night


    At the banquet, Joshua Ruskin, Head of SF Express IBU’s Business Solutions Team shared his experiences working with international clients to build customized cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions. He discussed how overseas e-commerce merchants can enter the China market by leveraging SF Express’s worldwide network, as well as its brand name for co-marketing purposes within China. Special guest Jimmy Ye from e-commerce media company Ebrun shared his insights on recent growth trends within the Chinese e-commerce industry.

    Joshua Ruskin talks about cross-border e-commerce solutions

    Jimmy Ye talks about e-commerce growth in China


    The speakers were on hand to answer questions during the Q&A session at the end. They discussed a variety of different topics including cold chain logistics, customs clearance issues, environmentally-friendly e-commerce logistics, and the future of cross-border e-commerce and trade between Japan and China.


    Q&A discussion


    All in all, the banquet allowed local Japanese companies to learn more about Chinese cross-border e-commerce, as well as SF Express Japan and its comprehensive set of cross-border logistics solutions.



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