Student Service
Service Introduction
  • Personal luggage delivery service

Going back home soon. Do not worry! SF will deliver your memories to your home.


  • Storage service

No space to keep your stuff? Please leave it to SF! 






Personal luggage delivery service

Please click here


Storage Service

Monthly KRW 1,300 (Incl. Tax) / kg

1. Charge is calculated by volume weight
- Calculation method: (width * height * length) / 6,000
2. Minimum storage period: 1 month (30 days)
3. Calculated by day if you cannot meet one month
- Calculation method: (1 month retention cost / 30) * Extra days
Example: Storage 37 days, volume 17 kg
37 * 17 * 43.333≈27256.457
KRW 10 per unit cut, final cost is 27,260 won

How to enjoy the service
  • ersonal luggage delivery service

1. Visit SF website, download the clearance document and fill in accordingly. (Download here)

2. After packing the shipment, please make the order to SF. Scan or print out the document and submit to SF (

3. SF staff pick-up

4. Inspection by SF and ship out

5. When immigration in China, please fill in <China Customs - Declaration of Inbound and Outbound Passengers' Baggage>


  • Storage service

1. After packing the shipment, please contact SF to use storage service

2. SF staff pick up, inspection and start to store the shipment

3. When you want to get the shipment back, please contact SF for delivery

4. SF staff provide delivery service and receivers pay for extra storage period (If any)


* For details, please scan WeChat QR code.