Corporate Honors



Taiwan S.F. Express got 2016 CSR (Corporate social responsibility) award -a Little Giant section through The Common Wealth Magazine‘s professional judgment based on the corporate commitment, social participation, environmental protection—the three facets of a fair score. Using creative ideas and expertise in linking party agents, it acts as a force of social welfare. Through CSR, the corporation not only contributes to the society, but also offers feedback to businesses and employees. Taiwan S.F. Express places importance on corporate responsibility and environmental values: it provides comprehensive employee training and professional skill training programs,  encourages employees to invest in social welfare activities, incorporates the concept of environmental protection in relevant complete business policies, implements primary sales of green products and services, sponsors the charity delivery event of〝My Rice field – pesticide free rice gift box”, and pursues corporate social responsibility. Taiwan S.F. Express is the only award-winning logistics corporation among the hundreds of participating companies, and is awarded accreditation recognition and encouragement. In the future, Taiwan S.F. Express will continue our efforts and contributions to the society.


Taiwan S.F. Express was recognized as an OUTSTANDING ENTERPRISE at the 16thAnnual Golden Peak Award (Large Enterprise), affirming the success of brand operations. The award recognized S.F. Express dedication towards improving customer satisfaction, providing a comprehensive service network, and the most reliable after-sales service and support. S.F. Express has laid down deep roots in the Greater China region with its proactive, progressive actions and attitude, winning the trust of various corporations and consumers. In addition to recognizing the efforts of the entire S.F. Express team, this award also highlights the dedication and achievements of S.F. Express has invested in the Taiwanese market over the years. In the future, S.F. Express will continue to optimize its products and improve service quality in order to bring clients the best logistics and delivery experience.