2019 Taipei International Cosmetic Exhibition - On-Site Home Delivery Service

  • With recommended word-of-mouth testimonials, Taiwan's largest beauty event has spread its heat wave across Taiwan. Beautiful, stylish, and extremely glamorous, you'll be satisfied with all of your beauty demands at one time. It's an opportunity you should never miss to connect to the trends of the world.

    Taiwan S.F. Express will provide on-site home delivery service to allow you to shop at your pleasure and rest assured with each purchase.




    Information of the On-Site Delivery Service:

    Date: From September20(Friday) to September23 (Monday), 2019

    Time: 11:00-17:00

    Location: Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1

    Concession of the Delivery: Whoever orders a home delivery service on site can enjoy an NT $120 deduction. The concession is only available for sending room temperature packages, and each individual package should not exceed 90cm on each side.


    Attentions for Delivery:

    1. The special activity project is only available during the period of the International Cosmetic Exhibition. The service charge includes in Taiwan Home Delivery Carton Box (TB90). Please consult with the delivery staff on site.
    2. The service coverage of the special project is limited to Taiwan's main island. Whoever needs to send a package to the outlying islands (Kinmen, Matsu, Green Island, Lanyu Orchid Island, and Lamay Island) will be charged an extra NT $150 per piece with the additional fees of remote areas.
    3. If the destination of the delivery is in a remote area, an extra 2~5 days are needed for the time of delivery.
    4. In case of any disputes regarding the contents of the activity, S.F. Express Taiwan reserves the right of final decision.


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