The dehumidification tea bag from He Chun Tang

Promotion Period : 6.Sep.2019 - 30.Sep.2019

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Event Name: The dehumidification tea bag from He Chun Tang

Delivery Area:Taiwan Island

Event Period: From now until 09/30/2019

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【Product Features】

  • Centennial store.
  • Continuation of ancient methods of manufacture.
  • No artificial flavors, chemical ingredients, preservatives added
  • The tea bag has the advantages of quick taste and convenient drinking.

【Product Specifications】

Item Name: The dehumidification tea bag from He Chun Tang

Net weight: 6g/pack, 10pack/bag

Storage Method: Refrigeration

Shelf life: 1 year

Place of origin: Taiwan


Return instructions:

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2. Fresh foods will not be returned after sale. Please consider the assessment before placing the order.

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