SF Express Safe Home Delivery #StayAtHome Taiwan home delivery service fees are now up to 26% off!

Promotion Period : 5.Jun.2020 - 10.Jul.2020

Activity Region: Taiwan

Activity Subject: Individual customers (cash on delivery only) *Monthly account customers are ineligible for this activity

Activity Period: From February 10–March 31, 2020

Activity Rules: For individual customers who use the Taiwan Standard Temperature Home Delivery Service, the shipment of one package with dimensions under 80 cm is charged at NT$74; under 110 cm is NT$111; under 140 cm is NT$141; and under 170 cm is NT$170.

Calculation of Dimensions (cm)

Length + Width + Height

Type of Dimensions (cm)

Less than (and including) 80




Weight (kg)

Less than (and including) 1

More than 1, less than (and including) 20

Less than (and including) 20

Fee (NTD)






Discounted fee (NTD)






Service Limitations:

  1.    Service Region: Taiwan Main Island
  2.    Measurement Limits for Packages Sent by the Door-to-door Delivery Service: The length of all three sides of the package should be less than 170 cm, and the length of any one side should be less than 150 cm.
  3.    Weight Limit: One package should weigh less than 20 kg


Attentions of the activity:

  1.    The promotional discount price provided in the activity doesn't include the carton packaging box of Taiwan Home Delivery. Regarding the purchase of the packaging boxes, please contact the courier staff or the customer service hotline 0800-088-830.
  2.    This activity is eligible for the Taiwan Door-to-door Home Delivery Service (including the Package Pickup Service and shipping service orders placed at SF stores). Palm Box, Hi-Life convenience stores, SF service partners, and remote areas are not included.
  3.    Using the Taiwan SF Express Taiwan Home Delivery Service implies consent to the terms and conditions in the “Agreement of Taiwan SF Express Taiwan Home Delivery Service”. If the sender violates any relevant laws or regulations, he/she shall be liable for any resulting losses.
  4.    In the case of any disputes arising from this activity, Taiwan SF Express has the right to an explanation of the decision.