Choose SF Consolidation Service When 618 Shopping, Get ¥5 Coupon to Redeem Your Shipment.

Promotion Period : 18.Jun.2020 - 10.Jul.2020

Activity Region:

Activity Subject: Customers who shop on taobao and use SF consolidation service

Activity Period: From June 17–July 10, 2020

Activity Rules:

The annual 618 e-commerce promotion is coming. How to save more during the promotion period? As taobao's official consolidation service provider, SF sincere feedback to you. During 618 promotion(From June 16 to June 30, 2020), customers in Taiwan could shop on taobao and get shipment coupon ¥5, select “官方集運-空運(快捷型)”. From June 17 to July 10, 2020, you can redeem the coupon when you combine your orders.

Attentions of the activity:

  1.      You must select Taiwan as your receivers’ address; you must select SF as your shipment provider that is “官方集運-空運(快捷型)”;
  2.      Each customer is limited to get one coupon;
  3.      One coupon for one shipment only;
  4.      The order should be received by July 20, 2020 23:59.

    Coupon detail terms of use mainly on Taobao official website▶,.

    If you have any questions, please call our customer service hotline▶0800 088 830,
    Or our online customer service▶