【Register to win prizes! Big lottery draw for SF Express delivery to Hong Kong】

Promotion Period : 1.Sep.2020 - 16.Oct.2020

【Register to win prizes! Big lottery draw for SF Express delivery to Hong Kong】

Event Region: Taiwan S.F Express delivery to Honkong

Event Subject: Non-Monthly Statement Customers * This event is not open to monthly statement customers for participation.

Event Period: September 1st, 2020 – October 16, 2020


Event details:

  • Event Region: Taiwan S.F Express delivery to Honkong
  • During the event, for those Non-Monthly statement customers who use SF Express delivery standard service for sending parcels to Hong Kong, and provide the information of waybill at the specified link provided by SF (waybill number, name, contact number, contact address, etc.), they may participate in the lucky draw.
  • Per shipping form per Lucky Draw chance. Place more orders to increase the probability of winning.


Event Prizes:

Product Name


Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy cordless stick vacuum

1 Award

PXmart coupon NT$ 500



Notes for the Event

  1. Event period: During September 1st, 2020 – October 16, 2020, non-monthly statement customer uses SF Express standard service, and the destination is Hong Kong, and entry the waybill number at the designated link (please click me) to register, may then participate in the lucky draw.
  2. The Lucky Draw Event will end no later than 23:59 on October 16, 2020 subject to the time linking to the Event.




Luck draw guidelines:

  1. Employees of S.F. Express (Taiwan) are not allowed to participate in this event.
  2. The expiration date of the lucky draw is October 16, 2020, 23:59 and the time of registration for the event at the link shall apply.
  3. Event prizes are only to be delivered to the area of Taiwan. (Remote areas will be charged extra with a NT$ 150 shipping fee. When the winners agree to collect the prizes for their relatives or friends in Taiwan, no extra fee will be charged for remote areas.) Host organizations will not ship the prizes to the overseas region. Winners who are not able to claim the prizes will be treated as having given up their prizes. The new winners will be drawn to award the prizes.
  4. The coupon prize winner announcement and notification time: The winners will be drawn before November 16, 2020. It will be contacted via the email address registered in the lucky draw candidate list. Please pay attention to the mailbox after the drawing. The complete winner list will be announced on the official website of Taiwan S.F. Express www.sf-express.com.tw before November 23, 2020.
  5. Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy cordless stick vacuum prize winner announcement and notification time: The winners will be drawn before November 16, 2020, and the winners will be notified by an exclusive service agent within 7 working days. The complete winner list will be announced on the official website of Taiwan S.F. Express www.sf-express.com.tw before November 23, 2020.
  6. The person who declares the income for winning a prize of this event must be the same as the winner, and no assignment of prize or change of prize recipient is allowed.
  7. If the prize of this event is provided by an external supplier, customers should read the relevant terms and instructions on the prize carefully before using it. Taiwan S.F. Express Co., Ltd. is not responsible for the maintenance services of any prizes of events, and will not be responsible for any quality failure, defects or claims that may occur in any products or services in accordance with law. If the customer has any enquiries or disputes regarding the maintenance or repair of the prizes, please contact such organization or supplier directly.
  8. A winner is eligible for one prize only. The winner will be presented with the biggest prize automatically. A second award won by a repeat winner will be re-drawn in the lucky draw until a new winner is produced. 
  9. Please keep the voucher and coupon in a safe place as no re-issuance will be allowed if lost. Time limit of the voucher and coupon shall be subject to the description on the voucher and coupon.
  10. On the day of the lucky draw, the lucky winner will be drawn under the witness of the legal personnel of the organizer.
  11. Participants taking part in this event agree to accept the rules and precaution statements of this event. If there is any violation, the organizer may disqualify them from participating in the event or being a winner of the prize, and may request damage compensation from the participants for the damage caused.
  12. Please ensure the correctness of your personal information. If the personal information is incorrect which results in failure to contact you or deliver to you, you will be deemed to have waived your right to win the prize.
  13. The organizer reserves the right to review the qualifications of the participants of this event. If a malicious computer program or other method that clearly violates the fairness of the event is used, or if it is verified that there are participants who do not meet the requirements of this event, once found by this Company or reported by a third party, such participants or winners of prizes will be disqualified from the event by the organizer immediately. In addition, the prize (or its equivalent amount) shall be retrieved. Participants may not object.
  14. If participants’ information registered for this event is lost, incorrect or damaged due to computer, network, telephone, technology or other reasons that are not attributable to the organizer and which result in invalidity of information, the organizer and its working group of the event will not bear any legal responsibility, and participants and winners may not object.
  15. Participants taking part in the event are deemed to recognize the effectiveness of these provisions. If there are any unspecified matters, the organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate, and change the details of the event without separate notice. If the prize content is changed due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizer (lost, damaged, etc., in the mailing process), Taiwan S.F. Express Company reserves the right to replace such with other equivalent prizes, and winners will unconditionally agree to accept the substitutes.
  16. Matters that are not specified in the prize description will mainly be based on the description of the winning notice. The winners may not request to change the prize or exchange such for cash or discounts or make any adjustments.
  17. S. F. Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. will assist with relevant arrangements for the handling of prize-related work. According to Taiwan’s tax law, if the prize amount exceeds NTD1,000, the income of the prize must be included in the personal annual comprehensive income tax return. Therefore, the winner shall provide a photocopy of his/her identification card and fill out and submit the relevant receipts in accordance with the regulations to receive the prize. If the winner is a company account, please attach a photocopy of the company’s Amendment Corporate Registration Card and a photocopy of the responsible person’s identification card, and the company seal and invoice stamp must be affixed to the certificate certifying receipt of prize when the prize is collected. If the winner is a minor and has no identification card, please attach a photocopy of the household certificate and a photocopy of the identification card of any guardian. If the total income of the prize exceeds NTD20,000, the winner shall bear 10% of the tax collected for winning a prize, which shall be withheld and paid by the organizer in accordance with law. If the winner is an individual who does not reside in Taiwan, or is a profit-making enterprise without a fixed place of business in Taiwan, 20% of the tax collected for winning a prize shall be borne by the winner. The preceding tax law stipulates that if the winner is unwilling to cooperate, they will be deemed to have waived their rights automatically and will not be eligible to receive the prize.
  18. Regarding the terms and conditions of this event, please consult the office websites of Taiwan S.F. Express for more details.
  19. If this event cannot be executed due to special reasons such as force majeure, S.F. Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. has the right to decide to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this event without incurring any responsibility for compensation.
  20. This Company will use the personal information provided by you, including name, telephone and email, etc., only for the purposes of creating a file for historical data of customer service, data statistical investigation and analysis, express delivery business, marketing promotion, event notification and related cooperative business services. During the necessary period for the above purposes, the collecting, processing and use of your personal information through paper, electronic files or other appropriate methods in accordance with science and technology are limited to the scope of services provided by S.F. Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. You may exercise the rights to (1) inquire or request to review, (2) make duplications, (3) request to supplement or correct, (4) request to cease collection, processing and use, or delete the personal information. If your rights are impaired due to your exercise of the aforesaid rights, this Company shall not be liable for compensation.
  21. In case of any disputes regarding the contents of the promotional incentives, terms, and conditions between the Chinese versions and English version, the finalized standard will be based on the Chinese language version.
  22. With regard to the details of prizes or prize exchange of this event, S.F. Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. has the right to modify the event. In the event of any disputes, Taiwan S.F. Express Company reserves the right of final interpretation and decision.