SF Japan attends the Legalization Business Meeting of cross-border e-commerce

  • On the afternoon January 28, SF Japan was invited to attend a legalization business meeting of cross-border e-commerce in Chiyoda District Tokyo. The meeting was held by the Japan Buyer Alliance. Simon Truss, General Manager of SF Japan, led a team of 3 joining the meeting.


    As China officially launched the E-commerce Law on January 1 this year, the legalization business of cross-border e-commerce to China became a hit topic among Chinese buyers and brands, which brought about this meeting. Around a hundred company representatives and individual buyers who are engaged in cross-border business between Japan and China joined the meeting.


    As one of the invited speakers, Simon Truss, General Manager of SF Japan, introduced the development of SF Japan and its role in cross-border e-commerce between Japan and China. Kason from SF Japan also analyzed the current situation and explained in details about the comprehensive logistics solutions that SF Japan provides for its customers in Japan.



    With the E-commerce Law goes effective, the development of e-commerce in China will be more standardized with the increasingly enhancement of consumer rights and protection in the coming future. At the same time, e-commerce business runners will focus more on delivery time, customer experience etc. when it comes to choosing a good logistics and express service provider. As one of the leading integrated express logistics service providers in China, SF has been enjoying pretty good reputations among its customers. Together with the logistics solutions SF Japan provides, we believe that SF Japan will make its contributions to the healthy development of cross-border e-commerce between the two countries.

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