2022 Key Performance

  • RMB 11,740 million
    Total public welfare expenditure of SF Foundation
  • 22
    SF public welfare volunteer associations
  • 1,206,286 hours
    Total duration of annual volunteer service
  • 34,094
    Total number of SF Lianhua Education Assistance Program supported students
  • 17,906
    Total number of SF Nuanxin Program supported patients and orphans
  • 362 万吨
    3.62 million tons
    Delivery volume of characteristic farm produce parcels

Education Charity

SF Foundation focused on the promotion of education development, children medical assistance, poverty alleviation and other public welfare activities. The major public welfare programs included SF Lotus Education Assistance Program, SF Nuanxin Children Medical Assistance Program, SF Lotus Primary School Program and SF Liangshan Charity Class Program. In 2022, the total investment of SF Lotus Education Assistance Program was RMB31.82 million, including RMB29.38 million in scholarship grants. By the end of 2022, the Program sponsored a total of 34,094 high school students in need.


Healthcare Assistance

Healthcare Assistance

SF Nuanxin Children Medical Assistance Program The program was launched in 2014. The program includes three major modules, namely children congenital heart disease assistance, children hematological disease, malignant tumor assistance and orphan care. Meanwhile, the program integrates humanistic care in each module and forms a matrix of the SF Nuanxin Children Medical Assistance Program in parallel with several sub-projects, providing timely and efficient medical assistance and humanistic care services for orphans and poor children. By the end of 2022, SF Care input over 386 million yuan and helped 17,954 sick children and orphans, providing warm and considerate services such as humanistic care, growth accompanying, and small houses for 17,793 sick children and their families.

Social Disaster Relief

Live Up To The Trust

In face of the severe social disasters, SF spares no effort and devotes itself to delivering good faith and love to the society with its practical action. From 2008 to 2022, SF input 137 million yuan in social disaster relief. 2008 Donated 10 million yuan to support disaster relief of Wenchuan Earthquake 2010 Donated 5 million yuan in disaster relief of Southwest Drought; SF chartered flights participated in Qinghai Yushu disaster relief 2013 Participated in disaster relief of Ya’an and Minxian County Earthquake relief, exempted freight charges of 27 million yuan for delivering disaster relief materials from the society 2014 Participated in disaster relief of Ludian Earthquake 2015 SF chartered flight supported the disaster relief of Nepal Earthquake, delivered 82 tons of disaster relief materials 2020 Supported in fight against the COVID 19 with the expenditure of 52.57 million yuan 2021 Donated 20 million yuan to support disaster relief of Henan Flood and post-disaster reconstruction

Fueling Rural Revitalization

Rural Revitalization

SF is the first domestic logistics company to deliver fresh agricultural products directly from farmers to urban consumers in the form of express delivery.With its strong logistics network, advanced packaging technology and fast delivery capabilities, the Company has overcome the most difficult categories one by one in express transportation,to achieve a nationwide direct delivery model of agricultural products with unique Chinese characteristics. In order to actively support the national strategy of rural revitalization, continuously consolidate and expand the poverty alleviation results. In 2022, the Company formulated a special fund subsidy mechanism for the customization of regional brand packaging materials, invested RMB3 million. At present, the Company’s service network to help agricultural products on the market has covered more than 2,800 county-level cities across the country, serving a total of more than 4,000 fresh varieties, achieving the delivery of 3.62 million tons of special agricultural products in 2022 and expected to help farmers generate more than RMB100 billion.

Voluntary Service

Promoting The Volunteering Culture

In 2022, the total annual public service expenditure of the SF Foundation was RMB117.4 million. 22 volunteer associations organized 148 public service activities in total, with 7,226 participants and 1,206,286 hours of volunteer services.

The Power of Giving and Receiving | SF Lotus as a student aid program

The Warmth and Care energy pack is a humanistic care product developed by the SF Charity Foundation based on the service concept of SF Warmth and Care Program,which is designed to provide more warm and diversified care and companionship for children in need with the Warmth and Care Energy Pack as a carrier. In 2022, the SF Charity Foundation and a well-known school uniform brand jointly launched a New Year’s customized Warmth and Care Energy Pack, which includes new clothes for children and a Warmth and Care souvenir booklet to boost the New Year energy of children in need. The Program is based on voluntary applications from parents, and has delivered New Year Warmth and Care energy packs to 309 “Warmth and Care little warriors” in Shanxi, Hebei and Hunan, winning praise from the designated hospitals and parents of the children.

Promoting The Volunteering Culture

In the New Year of 2022, SF initiated the Warmth and Care Energy Pack Program to satisfy still battling children’s wish to wear new clothes in the New Year. I felt a sense of achievement when I saw the smiling faces of the children and the messages of gratitude from their parents. I hope that while these children are fighting the disease, they also know that there are many people who are with them and watch over them, and I hope that they will grow up into healthy and good young people.

–– A SF Warmth and Care Volunteer

Promoting The Volunteering Culture

Although the child was unfortunate enough to have a congenital heart disease, with the generous support from SF Charity Foundation, I saw the light in despair and regained confidence in life from the heaviness and weight at the beginning. For an ordinary family, the assistance of SF charity was truly a timely help. The child is recovering well after the operation and was very happy to receive the Warmth and Care energy pack.

–– Parent of a child in illness