Sustainable Development Goals

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    SF has set up a company-wide health and safety target, established a safety management system and passed the ISO45001 certification. We have formulated measures of transportation, distribution and warehousing to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

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    SF offer tuition to employees for supporting degree programs & certifications, and set up scholarships for poor students to help employees and vulnerable groups acquire high quality educational resources.

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    SF strictly adheres to the principle of gender equality, prohibit all forms of discrimination, continue to expand the number of female employees, and provide exclusive welfare and care for female employees.

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    SF offers suitable job and internship opportunities for veterans, people with disabilities and college students to ensure the decent employment and career development of special groups.

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    SF adheres to independent innovation and develop new products in collection, transfer, transportation and distribution to create intelligent logistics and empower the industry with intelligence.

2022 Key Performance

  • 91.9
    Trade union satisfaction
  • 97.1 %
    Trade union inquiry-solving rate
  • 0
    Major fire or casualty accidents
  • 100 %
    The signing rate of suppliers of clauses on social responsibility, integrity and confidentiality

Talent Pool Development

SF is committed to creating a career platform for global talents to pursue excellence and achieve their ideals. SF adheres to the team culture of equality, respect, win-win collaboration, innovation, and inclusiveness, allowing employees to grow through competition to achieve self-fulfillment. The Group not only established a fair and transparent evaluation system but also continuously promote the enhancement of compensation competitiveness and employee satisfaction from multiple dimensions such as training empowerment, promotion development, and organizational atmosphere building, so as to encourage employees to deliver value and strive for excellence.

  • Protection of Employees’ Rights and Interests

    Protection of Employees’ Rights and Interests

    SF strengthens its democratic management by setting up a labor union to supervise the protection of employees’ rights and interests, listen to the real voice of employees, and solve their reasonable demands. SF has 130 labor union organizations. In 2022, the resolution rate of labor union appeals was 97.1%. SF was not involved in major labor disputes and received no complaints on human rights issues.

  • Helping Employees Grow

    Helping Employees Grow

    SF has established training systems oriented toward grass-roots employees, middle echelons, professional teams, and senior managers. In 2022, SF trained 160,736 new employees and 513,934 employees in total, and invested RMB65 million in training.

  • Employee Care

    Employee Care

    SF has established a comprehensive and multifaceted welfare care system, covering the special scenarios, critical moments, and major family affairs of employees in work and life. In 2022, we offer sympathy and assistance to 16,200 employees and their families in distress, worth about RMB10 million.

  • Ensuring Safety Production

    Ensuring Safety Production

    SF performs monthly assessments on the achievement of key indicators such as lost working days per million shipments, fire accidents on site, and shipments on fire, and link them with the performance of safety management personnel. In 2022, there was no major fire accident or significant casualty accident in SF.

Building Quality Services

  • SF’s services have penetrated into various fields such as industrial manufacturing, commercial distribution, commercialize agricultural products, food and pharmaceutical cold chain, international trade and local life services, covering all aspects of social production and people‘s life. At the same time, SF actively embraces new industry dynamics and new trends, helping the clients innovate their business models and enhance consumers’ perceptions and experiences, and practices as a transmitter and guardian of a beautiful life. In the 2022 express service satisfaction survey of the State Post Bureau, SF was ranked the first in Express Service General Satisfaction and Public Satisfaction, which was the 14th year in a row.

  • Enhancing Customer Experience

    Enhancing Customer Experience

    SF is committed to providing quality products and services, continuously optimizing service processes and standards and enhancing customer experience. In 2022, a total ovalid consumer complaints of 351 were complaints and the complaint processing rate of 100%.

  • Customer Privacy Protection

    Customer Privacy Protection

    SF implemented full-link customer data security and protection strategies around the “placing orders, pickup and delivery, transit, after-sales and operation” in business flow. In 2022, the Company continued to promote the encrypted privacy waybills, and the hidden digits of the customer’s phone number were increased from 4 to 6 digits. Simultaneously, SF also supports customers’ differentiated privacy protection needs by protecting their name and address information, in a bid to comprehensively protect customer data and privacy security.

Building Responsible Chain Together

  • SF attaches importance to supplier management, upholds the core values of integrity and commitment, advocates the establishment of a cooperation environment featuring equality, mutual-respect, transparency, development-oriented, win-win consensus and sunshine; over the years, the Company has established long-term stable, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperative relationships with suppliers and partners, working together to build a responsible supply chain.

  • Supplier Management

    Supplier Management

    SF has set up a Procurement Supervision Committee, which is responsible for risk supervision of the procurement process. We also adopts a hierarchical management model comprising the Strategic Procurement Committee, a strategic decision-making organization, responsible for decision-making and guidance on strategic direction; the Routine Procurement Committee and IT Category Procurement Committee, responsible for strategy formulation of procurement activities; and the Procurement Supply Chain Center, responsible for procurement decisions execution, procurement demand analysis and supplier management.