Self-Service Through WeChat!

WeChat Official Account: SF_Express-Taiwan

S.F. Express (Taiwan) has launched WeChat! Simply follow our WeChat official account to start the self-service. Information on WeChat is synchronized with S.F. Express official website. Enjoy order placement and shipment tracking at anywhere and anytime, which has never been so manageable!

Following “S.F. Express (Taiwan)” on WeChat official account (you may choose one of the following ways)

Method 1: Scan QR Code
Step 1: Open WeChat and click the icon on the top right corner “+”; and then click “Scan QR Code” in the function list


Step 2: Scan the QR Code for S.F. Express (Taiwan) WeChat account.

Step 3: After scanning the QR Code, click “Follow” to follow S.F. Express (Taiwan) on WeChat.


Method 2: Search Our Account 
Step 1: Open WeChat, click the icon on the top right corner “+”; a function menu will appear and then press “Add Friend”.


Step 2: Enter “SF_Express-Taiwan” in the red-framed space below to search for our account.


Step 3: Click “Follow” to start using S.F. Express (Taiwan) on WeChat.


S.F. Express WeChat Simple Tutorial and Functions

1. Order Placement
1.1 Open “SF_Express-Taiwan” WeChat account and press the “S.F. Express Service” menu, and then press the “Send” function to enter the order placement page.

1.2 After entering the order placement page, fields marked with * are mandatory; press “Submit Order” once you have filled out all required information to complete order placement. 


1.3 Once order placement is successful, you will receive a notice saying that a courier will come to pick up your shipment.


1.You can also press the “Account Management” menu and then press “Order Management” to check the status of your shipment. 

1.5 If the shipment is not ready, you can choose “Cancel Order”.

2. Check the shipment status
2.1 Enter the 12-digit waybill number into the text box, which will trigger a real time status response.

3. Address Book Managing 
3.1 Manage the address book by clicking on “Address Book”.


3.2 You can set default contact details of the shipper to prevent repeated entering shipper’s information in the next order.

 Invalid waybill number entry will result in an error message. 
2. S.F. Express (Taiwan) WeChat service temporarily provides information in Chinese only

Please contact our "Online Customer Service" or our Services Hotline: 0800-088-830.