Heavy Freight

  • Service Introduction

    Upon sending a single package that weighs more than 45 kg, the clients will be offered better concession prices. Please call the service hotline 0800 088 830. An exclusive service agent will provide you with detailed consultation and service instructions. 

  • Service Advantage

    1. Reasonable Price

    2. Clear Inquiry of Shipment Status

    3. Multiple Payment Methods

  • Service Coverage

    Currently, the service is available for exporting from Taiwan and shipping to Guangdong Province, China*

    Note: Sub-provincial level cities that are governed by Guangdong Province (a total of 21 cities including Shaoguan City, Shenzhen City, Qingyuan City, Guangzhou City, Shanwei City, Yangjiang City, Jieyang City, Maoming City, Jiangmen City, Huizhou City, Meizhou City, Shangtou City, Zhuhai City, Fushan City, Zhaoqing City, Zhanjiang city, Zhongshan City, Heyuan City, Yunfu City, Chaozhou City and Dongguan City. 

  • Notice for Use

    Shipments with batteries, items prohibited by domestic aviation or goods prohibited by national laws are not accepted.

    For information about shipment requirements and payment methods, please click here for inquiries.

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