Useful Forms

Please fill in the downloaded form and Fax to us.

NumberDownload FormsOperation
Credit Account Form
1 Credit Account Application Form
2 Credit Account Information Amendment Form
3 Notification of Termination of Credit account
4 Special Monthly Account Application Form
Pickup Service Authorization Form
1 Pickup Service Authorization Form (Chinese Mainland)
2 Pickup Service Authorization Form (Hong Kong)
3 Pickup Service Authorization Form (Macau)
Power of Attorney Form
1 Power of Attorney (Export)
2 Power of Attorney (Import)
3 Long Term Power of Attorney
Other Form
1 Special service agreements
Simply Export declaration form
Formal export declaration form
4 Invoice
Packing List
Foreign goods re-export affidavit
7 Import declaration checklist & Service payment agreement
Export declaration & Service payment agreement
Aviation Security Declaration
10  The COA agreement of delivering to Chinese Mainland outsourcing area
11 The Supplementary Agreement of DDP Service

Prohibited & Limited Items Declaration (Powder/Granular)