Tender Notice - 2019 Tendering for Sale of 20 Vehicle-in-Operation (VIO) Units

  • Dear suppliers,

    The tendering for sales is in accordance with the group's vehicle policy which gives the guidelines for selling company vehicles so as to meet the operation requirements of S.F. Express.


    Procurement Project Number: 2019001

    Procurement Project Name: 2019 Tendering for Sale of 20 Vehicle-in-Operation (VIO) Units

    Procurement Category: Sale - Vehicle-in-Operation (VIO)

    Procurement Unit-in-Charge: Taiwan S.F. Express Co. Ltd. - Purchase Division, General Department

    Place of Tender Registration: 11F., No.201-18, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City

    Procurement Method: Open bidding

    Contact Person: Lin, Hsin-Yi

    Contact Person's Phone Number: (02)6608-0066 #2107

    FAX: (02)6618-0066

    Date of Updated Notice: January 9, 2019

    Deadline to Tender: Before 18:00, January 18, 2019

    Opening Date of Tender: January 22, 2019

    E-MAIL: nikki.lin@sf-express.com.tw



    Tendering Instructions:

    [Content of the Tendering Project]

    2019 Tendering for Sale of 20 Vehicle-in-Operation (VIO) Units. In terms of detailed specifications, please refer to the Tender Proposal.


    [Tender Requirements]

    1.       The tenders shall deposit a bid bond NT$50,000 in the form of a crossed check that is issued by a domestic financial institution approved by the government, such as a bank, trust and investment corporation, credit union, post office, farmer's association, and fisherman's association (any of the aforementioned financial institutions is placed on the crossed check by the drawer as the payee.), or a certified check. If the winning tender abandons the contract, the bid bond will not be returned.
    2.       Once the winning tender is notified by the company, the value of the procurement should be wire transferred to the designated account of S.F. Express within a week and the sales contract should be signed on schedule.
    3.       After S.F. Express confirms the receipt of the wire transfer, the vehicles will be delivered to the winning tenderer, who must erase the logo on the exterior of the vehicles to avoid causing confusion that the vehicles belong to S.F. Express. Please inform our personnel in charge in advance for taking photos of the logo removing work.
    4.       The liquidation of the 20 vehicles will be carried out, and all related taxes and tickets will be cleared. The subsequent fees for the transfer of vehicle ownership should be paid by the winning tender, and the application for transfer of ownership of the vehicles must be completed before January 30, 2019.



    [Tender Submission]

    Use Postal Express or other ways of express delivery and mailing that provide signature service upon recipient to send the tender to the address below:

    Address: 12F., No.201-32, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City

    Contact Person: General Department  Huang, Hsing-Yun

    Postal Code: 10508

    Contact number: (02)6608-0066 #2199             FAX: (02)6618-0066



    Deadline for the receipt of the tender proposal:

    Deadline for tender delivery is before 18:00, January 18, 2019.


    [Guidelines for Tendering]

    The highest price tender does not guarantee the award of the bid. The company reserves the right to award/select the final bid.

     [Notice of Significant Matters Affecting the condition of the Vehicle]

    The sale of the vehicle with the registration plate no. 199 AW in the tender has a record of a fatal car accident and its detailed contents are specified in the tender document on Page 9.

     [Downloading the Tender Proposal]

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