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Cold Chain Standard Express
Based on cold chain warehouses and targeting food with temperature control requirements, it is an exclusive cold chain express service characterized by cold chain transportation and prioritized delivery
Service features
Full Temperature Control
Cold chain road transportation with full temperature control
Professional Delivery
Door-to-door service and reliable delivery
Customized Services
Integration of warehousing and distribution, diversified customization
Charging Standards

1. Charging rules: Initial weight (1KG)+additional weight, the prices may vary for different cities. For the price for a specific flow, the price inquired on SF's official website system shall prevail

2. Volumetric weight calculation: length*width*height (cm)/6000 =volumetric weight. The volumetric weight or the actual weight whichever is larger shall apply


About 300 cities in Chinese Mainland. *For details, please consult SF customer managers or dial 95338

Standard Transit Time

Next Day/Third Day Delivery for Inter-province shipments, 2 to 5 days required in the whole nation. For specific transit time by destinations, please check on SF Express official website

Value-added Service

SPP, COD, Return Proof of Delivery and Packaging Service, etc. For details, please refer to the introduction of value-added services

Notice for Use

Customer type: Only available to credit account customers who have signed the Logistics and Logistics Support Service Contract (Master Contract) and the Product Agreement of Cold Chain Standard Express

Consignment content: Processed food and primary agricultural products (refrigerated/frozen products in transportation). The weight shall not exceed 20 KG per piece and 100KG per shipment (packaging materials included) and multi-piece shipments are allowed

Temperature range of consignments: Refrigerated storage, Frozen storage 

Customer qualification requirement: Customers need to provide proof of qualification for the consignment content

Learn More
Customer service hotline: 95338
24hours self-service
Phone representative service hours: 08:00-21:00
Online Service : Contact now
24hours self-service
Live chat representative service hours: 08:00-22:00
Contact your local courier or sales manager for details