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SF Half Day
It is an express delivery service provided to customers that shipment is sent in the morning and will be received in the afternoon on the same day within the city.
Service features
Accurate commitment
Integrate high-quality resources within the city, provide worry-free half-day delivery service and experience through exclusive process guarantee in each process
Diversified scenarios
Shipping demands in multiple industries and categories are supported
Whole process traceability
Transparent and intelligent network empowered by technology
Pricing and surcharges

Initial weight + additional weight (price may vary with city and service time), subject to confirmation by courier.

Service coverage

Over 200 cities covered in Chinese Mainland (service coverage is expanding continuously)

* For specific service coverage, please consult local courier or dial 95338

Standard transit time

Shipments shall be picked up and delivered within the specified service coverage and time. Detailed shipment arrival time can be tracked based on the shipping time and address of the origin/destination. Shipments will be delivered to the receivers in half day within the city.

Learn More
Customer service hotline: 95338
24hours self-service
Phone representative service hours: 08:00-21:00
Online Service : Contact now
24hours self-service
Live chat representative service hours: 08:00-22:00
Contact your local courier or sales manager for details