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Precise Temperature Special Delivery
Precise Temperature Special Delivery provides transportation with multiple temperature zones (0~30℃, 2~25℃, 2~8℃, 15~25℃, -15~-25℃, -40~-90℃, etc.)for cold chain drugs (e.g. Insulin, blood products and anti-cancer drugs), diagnostic reagents and biological samples, and whole life cycle precise temperature-controlled logistics service, for customers in the medical health care industry
Service features
Precise Temperature Control of Multiple Temperature Zones
Transportation with multiple temperature zones is provided (~30℃, 2~25℃, 2~8℃, 15~25℃, -15~-25℃, -40~-90℃ and so on)
Professional and Customized Delivery
To-factory, to-hospital, to-store and to-home end-to-end delivery services are supported
Whole-process Temperature Traceability
Visual management of the temperature of the whole process is available. Temperature data of the whole process can be delivered at the end
Charging Standards

Charge by type of temperature control boxes and temperature zones


Over 90% of large and medium-sized cities in China are covered; Over 100,000 flows for pickup and delivery are launched in the whole nation (including Hong Kong)
*For details of the service coverage, please consult local courier or dial 95338

Standard Transit Time

Shipments are picked up and delivered within specified service coverage and shipping time. Shipments can be received on the next day at the soonest based on the shipping time

Value-added Service

Applicable to SPP, Return Proof of Delivery, COD, etc. For details, please refer to the introduction of value-added services

Notice for Use

1. Customer type: The credit account customer shall sign the service agreement and the Pharmaceutical Temperature-controlled Products Service Terms; The cash customer shall have related qualification proof or licenses based on types of customers

2. Consignment contents: OTC drugs that can be accepted conditionally, cold chain drugs (such as insulin, blood products, anticancer drugs), blood products from medical institutions, tissue secreta samples taken from human living body, IVD reagents and so on

Customer qualification requirement: Customers need to provide proof of qualification for the consignment content

Pharmaceutical commodities prohibited for pickup and delivery: Special drugs (toxic drugs, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances (category I), radiopharmaceutical and so on)

Learn More
Customer service hotline: 95338
24hours self-service
Phone representative service hours: 08:00-20:00
Online Service : Contact now
24hours self-service
Live chat representative service hours: 08:00-22:00
Contact your local courier or sales manager for details