If the consignment is lost or damaged during transportation, compensation will be made by the proportion of the SPP amount to the actual value of the consignment and the amount of actual loss (repair cost lost or damaged).
Service Rules

1. Applicable products: Express products for Chinese flows
2. Charging standards:

① Express products in the Chinese Mainland

SPP amount

Stand service rate

Below RMB500(included)




Above RMB1,000


② Freight products in the Chinese Mainland

Fragile goods: SPP fee=SPP amount*8‰, with a minimum charge of RMB2/shipment for express products, RMB3/shipment for SF Road Freight Express, RMB8/shipment for SF Long-haul Distribution and RMB32/shipment for Standard Express LTL and Large-size LTL.

Specific consignments: For SPP rate of specific consignments, please refer to the actual SPP calculating rules (e.g. hairy crabs, aquarium fish, garage kits) and confirm with SF courier.



Application Scope

SF does not offer the Basic SPP service for the following consignments:

① Consignments that can hardly be valued, e.g. antiques, calligraphy and paintings, commemorative coins, jade stone, ornamental stone, jade carving, wood carving and dark-red enameled pottery;

② Fresh products, fruits and vegetables with a value higher than RMB20,000 (seasonable fruits, frozen food, fresh products, hairy crab, animal and plant products);

③ Other articles with a high transportation risk.

Compensation Standards

For details about modes of claim feedback, acceptance time limit, judgment of damage, documents required and compensation time limit, please refer to SF Mini-program - My - Claim Center.

Notice for Use

① The upper limit of the SPP amount (consignment value vary with consignments and when the SPP amount of your consignment exceeds the upper limit, please contact 95338 or SF couriers.

② SF will update from time to time the names of consignments that are not supported by the SPP service or are fragile or vulnerable (e.g. lamps and lanterns, glassware, ceramic products, drinks and computers), subject to the information confirmed by SF couriers.

③ SPP fee=SPP amount*standard service rate(excluding those calculated by shipment).

④ For SPP service information and rules for express logistics products outside Chinese Mainland, please refer to the actual ordering page.

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