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SF Rush
It is an all-scenario intra-city instant delivery service available for all customers. Your shipment will be picked up and delivered point-to-point by a dedicated courier instantly within the city
Service features
Customized Services
Diversified value-added services are provided to fulfill demands in different scenarios
Whole Process Traceability
Transparent and intelligent network empowered by technology
Point-to-point Direct Delivery
Integration of multiple transport capacities satisfies diverse demands and enables direct delivery upon pickup without transit
Charging Standards

The service pricing may be varied by different cities. A credit account is available for customers with high shipping needs. For details, please contact SF Rush customer service


Available in over 500 cities in Chinese Mainland, and the service scope continues to expand

Standard Transit Time

30mins for distances within 3km
60mins for distances within 5km
transit time may vary due to weather and peak hours

Service Hours

SF Rush provides an all-year-round delivery service. The service hours are different for different cities. Service fee will be charged for special holiday and festival and special time segments based on the situation. For details, please dial SF Rush customer service hotline

Service Guarantees

When goods are verified to be damaged or lost in the service, compensation will be made according to the standards stipulated in the agreement and the amount of compensation shall be no higher than the actual sales value of the goods. If the customer chooses the SPP service during order placement, besides the freight, the customer needs to pay for SPP fee according to the SPP rate. If the goods are lost due to the carrier's reason, SF will compensate the customer within the SPP coverage based on the actual losses

Learn More
Customer service hotline: 4001881888
24hours self-service
Phone representative service hours: 08:00-22:00
Online Service : Contact now
24hours self-service
Live chat representative service hours: 08:00-22:00
Contact your local courier or sales manager for details