Roadmap to Decarbonization

  • 68 %
    Carbon footprint offset by enhancing the use of new energy
  • 11 %
    Carbon footprint offset by application of multi-modal transportation
  • 12 %
    Carbon footprint offset by building Carbon Management Platform
  • 9 %
    Alternative approaches include planting trees or buying carbon offsets

Powering Low-carbon Shipment with Technology

  • Based on experience accumulation and technological innovation, SF integrate technologies include IoT, big data algorithms and AI into daily business practice, widely utilized science and technology in the whole life cycle of each shipment, with which we aim to improve the service quality and efficiency, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

  • Pick-up and Delivery

    Pick-up and Delivery

    With application of self-developed large/small drones and unmanned vehicles, with sustainable packing to provide efficient, highly economical and low-carbon logistics services.

  • In-transit


    Based on AI learning and analysis, perfect matching the warehousing resources, with fully automated sorting and storage system and image recognition site management, to reduces the energy consumption, which provides a solid foundation for energy saving and carbon reduction.

  • Transportation


    With smart industrial map, taking factors like shipments transit time into consideration, integrating routes and resources, matching vehicles and shipments precisely to minimize emission during transportation.

  • Last-mile Delivery

    Last-mile Delivery

    Couriers are equipped with SF Wears portable devices, and with in-built logistics map and full smart monitoring, which simplified and visualized the route planning, enhance pick-up and delivery efficiency.

Green Airport: From Design to Operation

  • Ezhou HuaHu Airport in Hubei is currently under construction and will be the first cargo airport in Asia, in which SF plays an important role in promoting the green development of this project.

  • Green land Transportation












    SF Global Core Aviation Hub As the core Aviation hub of global logistics network, upon opening in 2022, it will be able to meet the passenger throughput demand of 1.5 million and 3.3 million tons of cargo and mail throughput per year. Ezhou Huahu Airport will build a pivotal radial route network system, create a nationwide and global radiation green ogistics network, significantly improve SF’s transportation capacity and efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions.

Leading Sustainable Packaging Innovation

  • SF integrate innovation deeply into all aspects of logistics packaging, starting from design, production and supply, distribution, recycling, intelligent management, unite all stakeholders to build an express packaging recycling ecosystem, actively cooperate throughout the industry chain,and promote the recycling of green packaging in the entire society by connecting all the stages of production, supporting research on whole-life cycle green package design and green operation.

  • Leading Sustainable Packaging Innovation

Partners on the Road to Zero Carbon Emission

  • We not only focus on the management of carbon emissions in our own operations but also hope that the green value extends to the supply chain, advocating and working with upstream and downstream partners and customers to join us as the 'partners on the road to zero carbon'.

  • Green Supply Chain 1.0 
 Creating Carbon Emission Transparency

    Green Supply Chain 1.0 Creating Carbon Emission Transparency

    SF establish carbon emission calculation models throughout end-to-end supply chain, including storage, packaging, transportation and delivery, aiming to help customers understand the greenhouse gas emissions in transportation and logistics-related activities, enhance the transparency of carbon emission data in supply chain logistics and achieve effective identification and control in the operation process.

  • Green Supply Chain 2.0 
 Shaping “All Green”Logistics

    Green Supply Chain 2.0 Shaping “All Green”Logistics

    Business customers: We provide 'All Green' service solution to help customers create green value by reducing their carbon emissions Consumers: We provide low-carbon services for individual customers, advocate the use of sustainable packaging and recycled cartons, and implement an incentive mechanism to generate carbon points by quantifying the carbon reduction effect.

  • Green Supply Chain 3.0 
 Building a Zero-Carbon Business Society Together

    Green Supply Chain 3.0 Building a Zero-Carbon Business Society Together

    In the blueprint of achieving global carbon neutrality, it is crucial to build a zero-carbon business society. SF will share its own carbon management experience with business partners, participate in the establishment of carbon emission verification and carbon asset management-related standards in the logistics industry, and promote the financialization of carbon trading. In addition, we will invest in low-carbon technologies in support of the green investment principles to create value in sustainable development.