Fuel Surcharge




Fuel Surcharge for each shipment is assessed on the net freight charge, in accordance with the fuel surcharge percentage. It applies to services:

  • Export from Hong Kong to Chinese Mainland, Macau and Taiwan;
  • Export from Macau to Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan;
  • Export from Taiwan to Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau.


Meanwhile, we are providing the following to you:

  • Full waiver of fuel surcharge on document which is 2.5kg or below;
  • Full waiver of fuel surcharge of local shipments in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.


Please refer to below table for the fuel surcharge percentage:

Effective Period  Fuel Surcharge
Export from Hong Kong/Macau Export from Taiwan
Mar, 2020 11.75% 9.50%
Feb, 2020 12.75% 10.50%
Jan, 2020 12.25% 10.00%


Example: If freight is HKD61 and fuel surcharge percentage is 2.50%, then the fuel surcharge is calculated as below: HKD 61×2.5% = HKD 2 (rounded to the nearest dollar)

Should you have further queries, please call our Customer Service Hotline:

Chinese Mainland (0086) 95338

Hong Kong (00852) 2730 0273

Macau (00853) 2873 7373

Taiwan (00886) 800 088 830





  1. The percentage of fuel surcharge is adjusted each month and becomes effective on the 1st day of each month, and the fuel surcharge rate is subject to those published on SF’s official website;

  2. The percentage of fuel surcharge is based on the U.S. Gulf Coast (USGC) price for kerosene-type jet fuel published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) two months earlier. For example, the rate applied in March 2019 is based on the rounded figure of the (USGC) Jet Fuel Price published by the EIA in January 2019; Please refer to EIA's (USGC) Jet Fuel Prices on EIA's website below

  3. The fuel surcharge table will be updated, if the (USGC) Jet Fuel Price is out of cover of the above table.